Sunday, February 14, 2016

Welcome to Post #1 of MelanieR Jewelry's Blog

Hello all!

I have other blogs that I have had for years and I have never thought of making one for my favorite hobby and art form...Jewelry Making!  I love making jewelry as wearable Art!  I am an elementary art teacher to 850 awesome K-5 students.  I love my job but I also love exercising my own creativity at home with Jewelry and Abstract Painting.  This is about Jewelry mostly BUT I can not leave out my passions for art and art education.  I love all things art and creative.  I naturally love God, husband, children, furbaby Phoebe, and family/friends.

This is just my initial post to give you a sense of who I am as a human. 

My etsy shop (that needs to have jewelry additions) is:
My site is:

Take care!

Here's to my personal challenge of keeping this blog up and rolling.

Happy Valentine's Day as well!

Did you buy Jewelry for anyone for Valentine's day?  If so...what kind? (what was it made of? handmade? online or brick and mortar?, etc...tell me about your jewelry purchases!)

Melanie R.

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