Saturday, February 20, 2016


I have started this blog in hopes to motivate myself back into jewelry making and design.  I had taken a long break from designing and creating once my daughter was no longer a baby sleeping the day away.  Back then...I would have time to create/design when she would sleep.  Then she became an active cute toddler that didn't sleep as much.  I put all my creative works aside (including jewelry making and design).  I didn't miss it as my daughter and son (older and doing his own thing) were very active in their own activities and play.  I didn't want to miss any of this.   I don't regret any of that at all.  Now, my daughter is 5 and son is 10 (both soon to be 6 and 11).  They are both curious..."why aren't you making jewelry or painting anymore mommy?"  Well, since they have somehow developed an interest in mommy having interests...this has pushed me back in the direction of creating.  I am happy and blessed to have such encouraging children.  My daughter wants me to make jewelry so she can watch and learn.  I have taught my son over the years jewelry making and other creative outlets.  Now it is her turn and this is very exciting!  It felt, for a while, as if I would not have a reason to get back into jewelry and art (for myself that is) creation.  With all of this said...this blog is a record to track my re-journey in jewelry design/making and painting as well.  Now, I do it for my children and not just myself.  This takes the guilt out of it that I felt before.  I did have that guilt that I was going to miss something with my children.  I am glad I did what I did by taking years off and now ...with nothing more to say..."here I go!"  Wish me luck! 

-Melanie R.
(Has any of you out there taken long breaks from something you once loved? and How did you return to it?)

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